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„The inclusive MOIA ELIXIRS cosmetics contains a high share of CBD and is formulated so that it rapidly and effectively renews the equilibrium of the skin and the whole inside of yourself.“   



We extract CBD from Cannabis sativa plants (technical hemp). Along with our farmers, we monitor the entire process, beginning from growing the plants from seeds (EU certified cultivars) and ending to the final, 100% crystalline pure CBD. The biomass processing and CBD production takes place in our newly constructed, modern extraction laboratory. The facility is approved by the Ministry of Health in Czech Republic.


MOIA ELIXIRS believes in the wisdom and power of nature, which it combines with the newest findings of science and aesthetic dermatology, and with the help of the most modern technologies, we create elixirs with unique recipes and of the highest quality for you.


For our elixirs, we use 100% pure CBD, as well as clinically tested, patented active substances in their highest concentration and organic exotic oils with ECOCERT COSMOS certification, with which we formulate our elixirs according to developed and registered recipes.


A complex approach and a maximum emphasis on quality, the guaranteed origin and purity of CBD of our products. The analysis of our products is ensured by external laboratories that have the certificate of the Czech Institute of Accreditations (ČIA), which guarantees the quality of our products and their origin.

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We pack our products in brown pharmaceutical glass to ensure the maximum potency and quality of active substances, protecting the most valuable ingredients from UVA/UVB rays and minimising their contact with plastic, as well as protecting the environment and remaining zero waste.